SIGGRAPH Asia 2018
Transactions on Graphics (TOG) Special Issue Cover

PhotoShape: Photorealistic Materials for Large-Scale Shape Collections


Existing online 3D shape repositories contain thousands of 3D models but lack photorealistic appearance. We present an approach to automatically assign high-quality, realistic appearance models to large scale 3D shape collections. The key idea is to jointly leverage three types of online data – shape collections, material collections, and photo collections, using the photos as reference to guide assignment of materials to shapes. By generating a large number of synthetic renderings, we train a convolutional neural network to classify materials in real photos, and employ 3D-2D alignment techniques to transfer materials to different parts of each shape model. Our system produces photorealistic, relightable, 3D shapes (PhotoShapes).

Fully automatic texturing of 3D shapes with rich SV-BRDF reflectance models.

Code and Data

Coming Soon


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This work was supported by the Samsung Scholarship, the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Intel, Google, and the National Science Foundation (IIS1538618).